Happy Birthday, Olivia

On Tuesday, my first baby celebrated her fourth birthday.  She woke up and just seemed older to me.  It happened, seemingly overnight.

She wasn't three.
Or three and a half.
But finally four.
I know each year it will get harder and harder to believe that she's another older
And time will only continue to speed up.

But I don't want to think about too many sad things
Like her getting older
Meeting boys
Having mean girl friends
Going away to college
The terrifying nights I'll wonder if she's safe, warm, happy.

Today, we celebrated with just the four of us.  Her birthday party with friends and family is coming this weekend (expect another post about that shindig!)  After preschool, the girls and I packed up and headed to Nate's office.  Per the 4-year old's request, we had Chinese.  Well, actually, she wanted rice and cream cheese wontons and I wanted the pad thai I saw Nate's co-workers eating, so we had Thai food - but she doesn't know the difference.  She got to watch Tinkerbelel during nap, eat Doritos as a snack, have quesadillas with whipped cream (or sour cream).

Then the best part of the day.
Or maybe a tie with the cupcakes that came at the end.

A picture may be worth a thousand words.  This HUGE cliche rings true in my snaps from tonight.
Now if only they were worth a thousand dollars.
That'd be nice!

Happy birthday my sweet girl.  I love you more than my heart can hold.

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Sarah said...

happy birthday olivia!!

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