Five Foods

Half way through the weekly challenge by Lauren & Tiffany.  This week we're talking FOOD and I should have done this
A. more than the night before
B. not starving for a midnight snack

Here goes nothing

In a few rounds of "what if" and "would you rather" the question came up:  If you could only eat one food from a restaurant, what would it be.  This is hard for me, because I love to eat out at restaurants - yummy food, zero clean up.  But I picked the BBQ Chopped Salad at California Pizza Kitchen.  This isn't even one of my favorite restaurants, but I love chopped salads and this one is huge and delicious.  And if it's going to be forever, I might as well have some greens in there while I'm at it.

My favorite KIND of food is Chinese.  Egg rolls, fried rice, potstickers, Kung Pao, General Tso, beef, chicken, whatever.  Give it to me.  The ironic thing however is that I suck at using chop sticks.  I'm usually too hungry to give it the patience it deserves and eventually I switch the a fork.

The food I like the least:  beans.  I'll eat green beans, but that's about it.  Any other bean just icks me out.  I am the minority in my family when it comes to this food, so I add them to chili and things, and I TRY really hard to eat them, but usually, near the end of my bowl when I can see them, they start to get picked out and placed in someone else's dish.  No one really complains.

Both times I was pregnant, the one food that calmed my stomach and morning sickness, even more than crackers or any other home remedy was apples.  Pink Lady apples to be specific.  I probably ate two a day, maybe more if it was a rough tummy day.  Love 'em.  Not as much as I did when I was growing a person, but I still love apples.

The food I like to make the most would probably be dips, if that even counts.  I love appetizers and entertaining, so it goes hand in hand.  I mean, look through the archives of this blog and you'll see tons of recipes that I've made over time.  Sour cream, cream cheese, marshmallow cream.  You name it, I'll dip it.

What foods made your list??

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Corals Country said...

You're blog is so adorable! I don't know how I missed it before! Great post!

Your newest follower,

Come say hi @ www.coralscountry.blogspot.com!

Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary said...

Haha I love #5--Dips! Totally counts :) I always eat Chinese food with a fork and sushi with my hands. So classy lol. But man, chopsticks are hard!

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