The Amazing Jen

I would like you to take a few moments and get to know Jen @ Crafty Home Improvement (Mis)Adventures

This lady is clever, witty and charming.  Oh, and also crafty and all that good stuff too!  You may have seen her button over on my sidebar (above the fold, daily, how could you miss it?!)  If you haven't clicked it, today is the day.  I know you'll love her once you check her out.

From her own mouth, her blogging style is:  I like to be as creative and thrifty as possible. I see something in the store or on Pinterest and wonder how I can make it or how I can make it by spending less. Sometimes they are adventures and sometimes they are misadventures. No matter how it turns out, I share the process. Sprinkled in the crafts, decorating, and cooking, I share my perspective on all sorts of different things going on in my life.

She's new to the blogging world (and then again, so am I) - you can read her first ever post {here}

I wanted to ask her all the basic, business stuff, like what can I help you with?  What social media outlets do you use?

But I knew I'd found a BBFF when I asked Jen the fun stuff.
The stuff that makes her human and real beyond the computer screen:

Favorite color: I love red and pink, but then I also love green and blue. I just really love color. J

Favorite book: Anita Diamonte’s Red Tent

Favorite subject in high school: Anything art related, especially potter and calligraphy. (Yes, my high school had an entire class on calligraphy.)

Favorite “old school" Disney movie: Little Mermaid. I know most of the songs by heart.

Favorite movie: Steel Magnolias. I love the cast, the one liners, all of it.

If you could eat at any one restaurant for the rest of your life, where would you eat? I’d say maybe The Cheesecake Factory, simply because it has a HUGE menu so I’d have more variety to choose from.

Pajama pants or nightgowns? Pajama pants.

Coke or Pepsi? Coke. Well, Diet Coke.

Team Angelina or Jennifer? Jennifer

Team Edward or Team Jacob? I never got into the Twilight books, but I’d say Jacob strictly because of his abs.

Best guilty pleasure(s): Trashy reality tv!

Guacamole or salsa? Salsa {this} recipe to be exact

Who was your Teen Tiger Beat heart throb growing up? Rob Lowe. He’s still pretty tasty.
Be sure to check Jen out {blog} {Pinterest} {Twitter} {Google+}

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