Sprinkler Sunday and a Revelation

I really wanted to do something SUPER FUN in my first month home with the girls and tell you all about it.
Like our trip to the Children's Museum on Day 1.
Or our trip to Como Zoo with Grandma and Grandpa.
Or the countless trips to the library for story time.

Have I done any of that?  No.  Bad blogger - refer to my apology from Thursday.

But I'm going to be better.

Nate and I agreed, I tried to do too much right out of the gate (by way of supplemental income) I wanted to leave my corporate gig so I could spend more time with the girls, and focus on this blog, and my writing, and my creative output with my Etsy shop.  And then, the fun I've been having with Stella & Dot, I can only go up from here.

I tried to have an hourly job in there as well.  And it wasn't fun.  And the money wasn't anything remarkable.  So, in looking at the time spent doing something that wasn't fun, for not much money vs. my happiness and ability to do other things I enjoyed much more, the choice was obvious.

Nate and I discussed my options at some on Saturday during our date night (we were out until 11:30 people!  This was an awesome night for us!)  And today, the thought just clicked.  We would make due with a little less "security" (and I do mean LITTLE) if that meant I would be passionate, happy and secure about the work I was doing.

And after nap, we let the kids run around the yard in the sprinkler.  It was exactly the kind of time I'd wanted to spend with them for the past month, but had been too distracted, or not even home, to do it.  Granted, Avery was much happier watching from the sidelines or pushing her lawn mower around.  It was my happy little family on a warm, sunny afternoon.

All together ***awwwww*** cute cute music.

But I did get some cute pics of my girls.
So that's a win in it of itself.

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