So What Wednesday

I have been busier than I thought.  Some how, that  two week notice afforded me a lot of downtime in cubeland where I was able to get my thoughts together.

This week, running around in my mommy hat 24/7, I haven't had much time for this place.  That needs to change - and I know it will once I can get myself into a groove of sorts.  Plus, I've been sick with some funky cold and have the worst canker sore I've ever had.  Seriously.  Hurts to talk and eat, two of my favorite things.  Don't worry - wine still goes down pretty smooth.

Today, I'm sharing with Shannon @ Life After I Dew, and all of you lovely readers what I'm saying SO WHAT to:

  • I have been home from corporate life for a week and a half, and haven't gone to the gym once.  I've thought about it, though.
  • I have a stash of crackers and snacks in my front seat now for running errands.  This is not convenience, this is laziness in not wanting to repack the baby bag every day.
  • We are not participating in National Night Out.  Not because we don't like our neighbors, we're just so tired and run down.  And yes, I know it's only Tuesday.
  • I cleaned my house last week for my Stella & Dot launch party, and haven't done a thing since.
  • I used some of my "cleaning house" time last week away from the kids to get a pedicure.  It needed to happen, why not take advantage of my minimal freedom.
  • I have mixed feelings about needing to find a new home for our dog.  She's really mostly OK.  We I am just not a good dog owner, and it's really not fair to her.
  • I am standing in my best friend's wedding in 7 weeks and haven't tried on my dress since I bought it.  I'm terrified it will be too tight and I don't think I can handle that disappointment.
  • I seriously dream about Stella & Dot.  Almost every night.  Shows, bookings, favorite pieces, wish list items.  It's gotten insane.
What are you saying SO WHAT to this week??

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