So What Wednesday

Did you miss me last week?  I missed you!  So happy to be back in the world of ME and talking about ME here at the blog for ME.

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This week, I have a lot to say SO WHAT about:
  • I started taping crappy daytime TV shows to watch during naptime.  I needed some background noise while I do 27 other things (quietly, of course)
  • One of the shows I started taping was Dr. Phil.  It's like Maury, with a southern accent and fewer paternity tests, cat-calls from the audience and censor bleeps.
  • I had drinks downtown on Saturday night and wondered if I looked as out of place as I felt.  But I still had a great time!
  • While on the topic of reality TV, I think Ven on Project Runway is a bitch after the last episode with "real women."  Maybe he should check the mirror because he's shaped more like a "real woman" than I am.
  • In keeping with my better blogger promise, I'm starting the running draft of this list at 10 PM on Sunday while watching Gallery Girls.  Those rich bitches have no idea what life could be like!  A $4 Old Navy tank, glass of Three Buck Chuck and Sesame Street on the DVR.  Who lives the high life, I ask you?
  • I have grown my hair out in the hopes of doing some beachy-cute waves, and by god, this week I am going to forgo the ponytail and actually DO one!
  • We scored a free chest freezer from the house down the street.  It may, in fact, be older than I am, but it runs cold and will keep my family stocked in bulk proteins and Bagel Bites from Costco all winter!
  • I sent out invites for Liv's birthday, but didn't do a "theme" like she wanted.  It's a cute pic of her - without any princess or mermaid or anything that she wanted.  I'm sure she'll get over the disappointment because I let her pick hot pink envelopes to mail them in.
  • I'm really excited for Liv to start preschool, and being able to spend more alone time with Avery. But I'm afraid I'm really, really going to miss her for those two hours.  And it's only TWO hours, crazy lady.
  • I love my DVR.  There are very few shows I have intentionally watched LIVE since having this beloved devise in my home:  the ER finale, the Lost finale, and now the Teen Mom finale.  Plus, Nate was at the Twins game, so I didn't have any complaints from the Peanut Gallery.
  • I hit {fast forward} at least 4 times during the 90-minutes.  I hate those little shows between my real show.
What are you saying SO WHAT to?  Please tell me I'm not the only crazy-town around...

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Dani - Diane - ATA Girls said...

Nice to meet you! I haven't laughed so hard all week! Joining from Welcome Wednesday. http://allthoseartsygirls.blogspot.com/

CassLangley said...

If you're crazy town, then I'm well past that! Loved your 'so-whats' :-)

beatnikki said...

Found you from the Wednesday blog hop and am now following. I can't wait to read more!

If you get a chance check me out at http://beatnikki.blogspot.com.

Have a great day!


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