So What Wednesday

Ha!  In past weeks, I've been all over this one, but this week, I've kinda lost track of the days!  Please also click over and enter the Wilder Creations giveaway that is going on this week.  Super cute bracelets, tons of styles, charms and colors.  Go nuts!

Let's see what Shannon @ Life After I Dew and the other ladies are saying SO WHAT to this week.

As for myself - I'm saying SO WHAT:
  • I almost forgot to write this one this week.
  • I have had two days of interacting with other SAHMs in the world and think most of them seem bitchy and clicky.  Please don't ever let me be like that.
  • I had no idea that drinking like you're 21, when you're really 30 is a horrible idea for your energy level the next day.  Totally worth it, Froggy (a la bachelorette party awesomeness!)
  • I completely neglected my blog this weekend in light of the bachelorette fun (and aftermath) and it was kinda nice to not have my lap boiling hot from the laptop being attached to it for hours on end!
  • I am hosting/styling my first Stella & Dot trunk show tomorrow, in my home, with my friends - and I'm totally nervous. 
  • I know I shouldn't stress too much about having a clean house tomorrow, so I'm going to take some of my "kid-free cleaning time" and get a pedi while the going's good!
  • I let Liv pick out books at story time today and she checked out two of the same Olivia books.  Oopsie.  Now I guess the girls won't fight over the same book.  Or wait, yes.  They will each want the same COPY of the book, regardless of how many are in the home.
  • I felt 100% vindicated in my decision to stay home last Friday when I sold my Feature Sponsor spot to Jen @ Crafty Misadventures.  She's amazing - you should go and tell her I said so!


Jen Grantham said...

Drinking at 30 is a whole different ball game, right?! Thanks for the shout out. You made my day. :)

Lindsay said...

haha I have to agree with the SAHM thing. It has taken me a LONG time to find the "right" group of women. I guess I thought I would be embraced and we would all be in a club and love each other, but I {personally} have found that to be VERY untrue. It seems like women who stay at home judge other women/moms. Like a lot. You will get the hang of it. Hang in there girl. The "right" group of moms will come. It just takes time.

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