Red Stamp Must-Have iPhone app

I was introduced to this app by my Stella & Dot sponsor, Leah, and it is absolutely amazing and cute!

Red Stamp is an app for iPhones, sorry Driod, that allows you to basically text e-cards to your friends and family.  And the best part, it's FREE!  Hello!

You're a smart cookie - obviously, otherwise you wouldn't be here.  The app is very intuitive and easy to maneuver with their prompts and icons, but here are a few tips and tricks I've discovered while playing around that warrant sharing:

**You can link to your Facebook and Instagram accounts from the home screen.  These are also methods of "sending" or posting.  This is a wonderful feature to share an upcoming sale or event with your fans and followers.

**Save your favorites with the touch of a {heart}

**See previously sent cards and edit and reuse.  Want to send a personal text invitation for cocktails to all your girlfriends?  Easy peasy with the access to your previous cards.  Just edit text and hit "send" again"  You'll see I send a card to My Molly (my sister) who I miss terribly while she is far away in her home seven hours from me.

**Tons of options - some I feel are probably better suited for snail mail (like baby showers, family reunions or weddings -what?!) But they do have cards for cocktails, wine tastings, just because... So much more fun that the "what are you doing tonight?  Wanna come over."  And they have "date night" cards.  Kinda a cute way to say "hey" and "love you."

**Each card has 2-4 other color pallet options that you can easily choose from.  There are lots of designs that you can add in your own photo/image on cards, adding that personal, silly touch (for those of you who are really good at the self-portrait thing.  I, however, am still struggling with that talent)

**I mentioned text messages, but as you can see, there are lots of options for sharing you cards with the ones you love.

**Mailing postcards is also an option (going back to those that may not be super appropriate in text/Facebook form, you have the design cuteness for a small price)

I hope you give this a try!  That is, if you have an iPhone.  If you don't - sucks to be you.  Add it to your Christmas list.

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Karen said...

Looks awesome. Thanks for sharing! I just downloaded it. Yay!

Kristen at First Name Smith said...

eeek! love!

Sara said...

Looks like a fun app!! I live hearing about free iPhone apps! Time to download as test it out. :)

Jessica said...

Great app! Thanks for sharing!

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