Nice, Normal Family

Remember the Simpsons?  I guess, that is to say, even though, they still are on TV, but remember them in their heyday?  Actually, little known fact about me - this is one of the things that Nate loved about me instantly:  my ability to recite ridiculous and otherwise useless quotes from The Simpsons.

Anyway - remember this nice, normal family?

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Well, welcome to mine.

My darling friend, Heather.  She is an extremely talented photographer (and I know many, and she is at the top of my list).  She did a beach session with families, and mine was lucky enough to be one of them.

I carefully picked outfits
We showed up clean and happy
And then personalities started to show through

It was one of those 90+ degree days that Minnesota was having
It was after dinner
The witching hour

And while the kids were in relatively "good spirits"
We still had our fair share of "outtakes" from the session
These are not necessarily those "frame worthy" photos that we all pine for out of professional sessions.
But they perfectly capture my kids
My family
My love
And I love them.

When I'm old and grey (of which I never plan to be, but I hear it is inevitable)
I will look back and remember
Olivia's need to dance ALL THE TIME

Avery's chin to chest and pouty lips

Did I mention it was hot.  Bless Heather and her Photoshop skills to clean up sweat marks!

But she did manage to capture a few winners


Karen said...

Gorgeous pictures! You have a beautiful family!

momFITtingitallin said...

Super cute!

BeaumontGirl said...

These are amazing!! I LOVE that picture of your daughter dancing :) adorbs! Following you, so glad I found your blog!!!


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