My Life in an Instagram #12

Sorry about being MIA last week.
As promised, I'm here - hope you are too!

According to L 

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Here's a few of my faves from the last week (or there-abouts)

First carnival ride at Como Town.  Well first for Avery anyway.

Maaaammm, I'm not sleepy.

Another Monster at the End of this Book.  iPad app.  Must have, in my humble opinion.

Date night in the big city.

Fondue.  Yum.  Melted cheese and a bunch of meat, what more could you want?

Glitter mani, thanks to Daring Digits.  Giveaway COMING SOON!

I just can't help myself.

My Alexandria bib.  So amazing with anything!

Your turn!  Play fair and visit a few others too while you're at it!!

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1 comment:

Jamie said...

Love sleeping baby pics. They are so peaceful.

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