Truth or Dare

Found this new link party and I just love it!  Clever and while I do love, and participate fully in, those link parties with foods and crafts, sometimes it's fun to take a moment and learn a little more about the women you're reading.  Sure they can bake a mean cookie, but what does their house look like?  Or their bedspread?  The junk drawer that even the most organized of homes has - don't lie.

So, thanks to the help of Jade @ An Organized Mess I bring you this week's Truth or Dare moment:

Truth: If you could be one celebrity simply based on their fashion sense, who would you be & why? 
Dare: Post a photo or video of your closet. Tell us what you like & what you would want in your dream closet. 
The truth isn't too telling, but I can share that I'd love to have fun-loving style like Zoe Deschanel.

I'm just not brave or quirky enough to pull it off.  My idea of "not caring" is going out into public with a 3-day old hair and yoga pants.  More slop than style.

Lame answer, I know.

So, I present to you our catch-all, cluster of a closet.  I am forced to share with my husband - ugh.  It is a disaster.  Perhaps with all my free time as a SAHM now I'll clean and organize it. 
Don't judge.  The thought alone about potentially giving it effort gives me points.

And yes, that's a soft blanken (with an N)  My childhood comfort item, shoved in the closet, but not forgotten. I slept with that thing until we moved into this house almost five years ago, at which point, the hubs said it was time to maybe think about putting it away.

Kill joy.

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Elisa said...

love the pic of the blanket....I had one too and slept with it until I think it was our first house in VAB and the husband said it had to go...and mine was in way way worse shape....my mom had it made into blankets for the kids

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