So I'm a little obsessed with cheap, easy and free graphic design these days.  Maybe you remember my PicMonkey tutorial {here} and {here}.  Well today, I'm bringing you another design option that's cheap, easy and free.  Meets my standards!

Tagxedo is a online tool that takes words and puts them into cute little word bubbles.  They have lots of shape, font and theme styles to choose from.  In fact, their website even has a link of 101 Things to Do With Tagxedo, in case you get bored and can't think of any more on your own!

You can pull words from a link, search a news topic, or even enter in your own words to use. 

For example, here is a word cloud made from the lyrics to the hubs and my first dance:  Ray Lamontage's Hold You in My Arms.

Wanna know how I got there??

Visit Tagexedo.  Select your method for collecting your words - website, file, or otherwise

You can then pick fonts, shapes and theme colors on the left side bar

Use the little "lock" icons next to "Theme" "Font" and "Orientation" to hold those selections in place, should you choose the spin them ALL (position and selection of actual words shown)

The options are endless and really you could use this for so many projects:
  • wedding gifts
  • anniversaries
  • blog posts
  • favorite quotes
  • movie titles
  • song lyrics
  • potential baby names
  • recipes/ingredients
  • new babies
  • old babies
  • birthday gifts
  • book passages
  • bible verses
  • poems
So many options.  And with the shapes, fonts and colors, you can set the mood and tone to each creation.

For example, you could make this for your favorite foodie:

An icon for your blog:

The word clouds are endless!  Inspired for a project?  Go get 'em!


Jess from Coxs Corner said...

This is a really cool tutorial! There are so many fun things you can do with this...I had never even heard of this site. Totally pinned it to save for later!

Erika @ Our Cozy Cubbyhole said...

Ahh this is amazing! Thank you for sharing!

Joy@Living On Trees said...

I saw this program before but never played around with it. Today, I took the time and I am in love! Already framed one! Thank you!

Becky said...

I think I used this site once, but yours turned out way better than mine. Thanks for the tutorial! I've got to play around with the program more.

Hubba said...

I just checked out the website and I'm excited to use this. I have an anniversary coming up which would be perfect and some birthdays so I can make cute cards! Thanks for sharing. I'm a new follower and would love if you followed me back! www.iheartpears.blogspot.com

Kelley @ TheGrantLife.com said...

Cute! Ive seen that site but havent tried it before.

Baked In The South said...

Love this! Thanks for sharing! We would love to have you link up some of your projects over at our party!


Sarah said...

I love this, it fits the bill for my art requirements, free and DIY.

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