SWW & Clean Mama Printables GIVEAWAY!

First, my weekly rant with So What Wednesday and Shannon @ Life After I Dew:

  • I started this list last week and have been editing daily so I don't forget any of my witty comments.
  • I watch "Franklin and Bash" on TNT for the pure and honest teenage love for Zach Morris Mark-Paul Gosselaar.
  • Family activities are starting to develop around the "blogging viability" factor.
  • I love @Honest Toddler.  Follow.  You will laugh with every tweet. (or is it Tweet?  Not sure if it's a proper noun yet.)
  • I love that Liv still has those chubby baby hands where the knuckles sink in on her fingers.
  • I have tried to French braid Olivia's hair three times, and am still frustrated that I can't get it right. (And that would be three of three times that I have tried this braid ever in my life.  Perfectionist, much?)
  • I am going to see Magic Mike this week, even if I have to see it alone!
  • After a bed wetting incident, I let Olivia sleep in our bed rather than get up and change the sheets at 3 AM.
  • I hate "Baby on Board" window suction thingies more than I hate those stick-figure families.

Now, for the giveaway!
In my professional life, I am organized, to a fault.  I have to be.  Being a project manager, you need to keep track of 76 different moving parts at a time.

Somehow, my home doesn't always get the same attention.  I do have post-it notes all over the house and am obsessed with buying those $1 magnetic shopping lists (the long, skinny size, you know what I'm talking about)

Here's where I would like to introduce you Becky, owner and designer of Clean Mama Printables.  Becky is a former art teacher, turned work-at-home mom with a love for organizing and cleaning. She keeps it 'all' together with lists, printables and a cup of coffee.  Clean Mama Printables specializes in original organizational documents designed to take the *WORK* out of organizing your life. 

8-Page Teacher's Kit

Editable Weekly View

5-Page Fresh Start Kit - My personal favorite.  Having a checklist doesn't exactly guarentee that things get done, but it's certainly a good reminder for the maid husband ME

5-Page Blogger's Kit - Used daily by me.  Brilliant way to keep everything in order!

Once I decided that this blog was be more than a place for me to store recipes and stories of my kiddos, I knew I needed to get organized and develop a plan of attack.  Enter Becky's amazing 5-page blogger's kit.  Seriously - if you write a blog, and I know lots of you do, you need to have this to keep yourself in order. A calendar, a daily blog list, running tally of post ideas, ad space tracking and a social media calendar.  Everything you could want!

Becky has thought of everything and has a kit for every possible project:  holiday, shopping, garden planning, pets, kids schedules, budgets and bills.  Tons for everyone!

Wouldn't you love to get your hands on some??  Here's your chance!  Becky is offering TWO $25 gift cards for her shop!  Good luck!!

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Karen said...

I totally watch Franklin and Bash for Zach Morris too!
I also have tried several times to french braid my daughter's hair, but just can't do it. So uncoordinated :(.

Jessica said...

I love @HonestToddler. I crack up daily, heck even hourly at it.

Ana Osborn said...

Can we also talk about love for Travis, I mean Breckin Meyer, too (after the 12-steps, that is)? Swoon. (So Clueless.)

Leah said...

great idea to get started on your SW's earlier in the week! Another girl on here (yikes I forgot who!) said she keeps notes on her phone for so what's! i was like awesome plan!!!

The Hill Hangout said...

These are awesome! I'm pinning because I'll definitely be using these! :)

Hayley said...

I use it towards the starter kit!


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