So What Wednesday

Oh how I love this one.  Thanks again to my girl Shannon @ Life After I Dew, for making at least 1 of my 6 weekly posts pretty easy.  And guaranteed to be all about me, which I also love.

So this, week, here's what I'm saying SO WHAT to:

  • I am feeling super excited and a little scared that this is my last Wednesday in the 9-5 gig.  It's exciting because this is totally new and uncharted territory for me.  Scared because, what if I fail and need to desperately seek out another full-time job?  Not sure my pride could handle that, so best not to fret.
  • One of "big" contributions to our family's bottom line is switching to Three Buck Chuck from Trader Joes.  Cheap and wine.  I see it as a win/win.
  • When my critical, competitive spirit hit (after I saw my 201 followers and said "well, others have more) I took a moment, had a sad moment and then a YEAH moment to keep going!  Even the big dogs had to start somewhere!
  • I am finally catching up Teen Mom from this season and cannot believe what a train wreck Amber turned out to be.  Holy.  Crap.
  • I struggle with all of the coverage in Aurora, CO.  It's tragic, and it's news, but I really hate the idea of the shooter getting all of the attention he craves.
  • I am so geeked and nervous that a week from now, I will host my first trunk show with Stella & Dot.  Praying for a few sales and maybe a few shows from it so I don't get utterly discouraged.
  • I wore leggings to work on Tuesday knowing that I was going to a Thai buffet for one last lunch with my work-husband.  The extra stretch and give is necessary.
  • Of the last, oh, 6 movies we've rented from Redbox, I've actually watched and payed attention to zero of them.  Like this one tonight - Acts of Valor.  I'm sure a delight, good story, whatever.  But I'm busy writing and doing other things.  Sorry for the split attention family - I'll try to be better.

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Erin said...

As a blogger with 7 (super awesome!) followers I often find myself thinking if only I could make it to "x" number of followers...then I quickly get over myself, move on, and realize that at least I have 7 more followers than I started with!!

Brandy said...

I know all those feelings about wanting your blog readership to grow. But then, in my case, I remember that I don't really have anything all that inspiring to say, so I'm shocked I have followers at all! :) And I haven't seen any great movies at Redbox recently. Maybe some new ones will arrive soon.

Lindsay said...

haha can I just say I love you {your honesty}. These "so what's!" were great! Well done Mama! Oh and I will have to try three buck chuck ASAP.

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