S'Mores Collection

Get those bonfires going and the wet wipes handy for sticky fingers!  Normally on Wednesdays, I'd be ranting and raving with Shannon for her SO WHAT Wednesday.  However, while you are reading this, I am currently on a gorgeous lake with wonderful friends, family and beers :) 

So, in honor of the holiday, I thought I might help you all spark some s'mores snacks for you to try this holiday weekend!

I'm taking this from Pinterest, but please make sure to Pin from the original source if you're going to want to remember them for later.  As much as I'd love the foot eyeball traffic coming my way, I'd feel too guilty stealing someone else's idea!

The first, however, is MINE!  Pin away!!

Terra Cotta Pots as mini campfires

S'Mores Cups

S'Mores Brownies

S'Mores in a Stick

Cookie Dough S'Mores

Source: foodgawker.com via Liz on Pinterest

A S'Mores Bar (for wedding or party)

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What are some of your favorites!  Link 'em up here!!


Becky said...

S'mores popcorn? Oh my gosh that sounds amazing. Definitely pinning it, it's a great idea! Love the s'mores on a stick and s'mores cups too. Have a great 4th of July!

Bronwyn said...

I've pinned you recipe - looks delish! And that s'more bar - absolutely amazing!!

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