Rookie Books {giveaway}

We've got a super awesome giveaway with only a few hoops (as opposed to some giveaways out there!)

All those gorgeous beaded bracelets that I make and sell on Etsy - wanna know where I get my awesome thread?!  THIS LADY, right here! 

Sonja, owner of Rookie Books has then most incredible selection and quality of waxed linen that I've found.  Your local beading or crafting stores will probably have your basics - white, black and brown.  But what about all those other fun colors?!  Right here.  Perfect for those beading tutorials that are out on Pinterest {like here}

Here's a little more about Sonja in her own words:

Sonya Richards is from the Netherlands where she got her degree in Fine Art. She moved to the US five years ago and fell in love with Portland, OR. She currently works at a local art and craft store where she teaches book making classes and all other crafts that involve paper, while simultaneously working on her Etsy store at home. Rookie Books was founded 2010, initially to showcase Sonya's handmade books, but it quickly became a popular shop too for waxed linen supplies. 'I needed a wider variety of colored thread, and in smaller quantities for my own book projects. After searching everywhere to no avail, I decided to start selling it myself. Plus now I had all colors available at all times! The majority of my customers are jewelry makers and it's wonderful and surprising to see what beautiful things they use the thread for.'

I think what attracted me to Sonja's shop the most was her simple, clean business.  As a shop owner, I know how cumbersome having 100s of items for sale can be to manage.  Let alone for your supply shopper.  1000s of items, even with tags to search a little easier, can be hard to weed through.  Sonja has 30 differnent colors of thread, sold is varying package lengths and color counts.  Simple.  Beautiful.  And, she writes the cutest little cards with each order.  Handwritten, such a thoughtful touch - I probably should start doing that....

So did you go check out those projects?  Excited to make some for yourself!?  Here's your chance to win!

Sonja is offering up TWO prizes:
  • 15 yards, winner picks 3 colors
  • 25 yards, winner picks 5 colors
Enter with the Rafflecopter wigit below!  Good luck!

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