My Life in an Instagram Link Party #6

Have you entered the Clean Mama giveaway yet?  You know your life could use a little help when it comes to planning and organizing.  Or you could always gift it to that frazzled friend you have - we all have one, God bless her!

So I missed you last week!  I was too busy swimming in the lake, swatting bugs that size of quarters and enjoying a Summer Shandy or two to post this.  Plus, I was completely disconnected from the Internet.  It was kinda nice, though I did spend the entire car ride home looking through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see what I'd been missing!

According to L

 The rules to play are simple:
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  • Link up your weekly tale of life in your life. This can either be a post from your blog, or photos from your Instragram feed link (such as: gramfeed.com/YOURNAME), or a photo blog you have (for all those photographer blogs out there).
  • Visit the other links, leave a little love and let them know that According to L sent you.

Liv was playing with my phone during our pit stop at Cabella's so the bubs could use a gift card on a new watch.  Always interesting to see things from her angle.

Happy babies on the car ride home from Clearwater.  Such a fun time - she slept well that night!

Playing SAHM on Friday.  Painting is fun.  Bug bites on the face are not.

Not napping, but watching Muppet Treasure Island instead.

Imagine Avery making the "mmmm" kissing noise. (I hope it stays like this, but I know it won't.)

S'mores on the grill with the flat Stay-Puff guys.  Brilliant!  And delicious.  Not exactly nutritious.

Liv with Charlie and Jack (my sister's boys) after running through the water fountains at the zoo.

Cuddles at the pool.  I hate teething.  Especially when it's 100 degrees out.

The devil came in the mailbox this week.
 How was your week?!  I so look forward to seeing all your cute photos!


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Destiny said...

I need to find some at home activities to do with my boys. painting would be fun!

Your treats look so yummy!

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