Lovely July Sponsors

The blogging community is full of wonderful women (and men too I'm sure, thought I don't think there are lot of them out there griping about their kids and burning fingertips on hot glue)

This July, I have some awesome ladies I want you to check out.  And don't just lurk - click around, comment.  I promise, you'll have a good time and make some new connections of your own!

Carly is mom to sweetheart, Gunner and wife to Cody.  She started blogging as a way to collect her thoughts for her son, and it's grown in to so much more.  One thing you need to know:  I'm very passionate about my family and my faith.
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Leah is hilarious, full of energy and color (just like her blog page!)  One thing you need to know about Leah: I am utterly obsessed with Hello Kitty. I even have a HK tattoo on my foot. I also love anything retro, kitsch, kawaii and cute!!! Oh! and cupcakes. Pretty much  if there's anything adorable... I'm in!
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This lady has southern class with a tiny bit of sass down to an art.  She's a Dr. Pepper drinker, but I won't hold that against her.  One thing you need to know about Lianne:  I would so totally choose having my hair played with over a massage. Having my hair played with is pure bliss to me!
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We all like maple syrup, some Gina's cool.  To say that she stays busy is a gross understatement.  You need to know she has had a ridiculous number of jobs, which include, but are not exclusive to: a page in Nova Scotia, at Dairy Queen, driving a motorboat at a sailing club, as a tailor.  None of which are related to her dream job of being a dietitian!
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Stop by, say hello.  Let them know how awesome they are, that I'm awesome for sending you!
You can also join the party and become one of these awesome sponsors.  I have lots of options for all business models and budgets.  I'll promote like crazy for you - once you try it, you'll see how fun it is to be special!

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Leah said...

Awesome! Such a sweet write up on all the ladies. I can't wait to check everyone out :)

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