Kale Chips

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Last weekend, after the morning rain had passed, we packed up and hit up the Farmers Market.  The large one in Minneapolis is always fun, full of good food and vendors, so it makes the trip worth it.  This time around, I was buying cilantro for our salsa and overheard the vendor talking to another patron about kale chips.  I'd seen the occasional pin on Pinterest, so I thought - why not.  For two bucks, I could try to make a healthy snack that would satisfy my need for salt and crunch, without derailing Operation Hot Mama (soon to come, once this lady can hit the gym mid-day thanks to the child center at Lifetime!)

The process is simple, and I tried a few different temperatures and times to see who really had the right idea.  This is the method I found gave the best to get texture and crunch - without burning.

Preheat your oven to 350.  Then get to prepping your kale.  You can use any variety that you'd like - I asked my new Farmers Market buddy and she gave me green kale - but there's also purple, dinosaur and probably others too!

Prep the leaves by removing the large rib that runs down the center of each gigantic leaf.

The method I used was folding the leave in half and pulled on the rib.  It came apart pretty easily.  From there, tear any large pieces into "chip" sized bites.  The leaves will shrink a bit in the oven, so try to make too small.  Basically, you're looking for somewhat consistent sizing so they cook evenly.

Then comes the part when you get to be creative.  Toss the leaves with olive oil and then sprinkle the seasonings of your choice.  I've read about others using Old Bay Seasoning, ground chipotle, seasoned salt, or good ole sea salt.

I used seasoned salt on my first batch and added a heavy hand of garlic salt on my second round.

What the health nuts of the world don't tell you about these - literally melt-in-your mouth chips - is the green leafy flavor doesn't exactly cook down.  They are STRONG.  That's not to say that they're not a good snack, but be warned.  Liv, who eats just about anything, other than raw tomatoes or cooked bell peppers, took one and said "it's like dirt."  She tried her courtesy bite, so I'm pleased with that anyway.

Store in an airtight container for up to 5 days.  I personally thought they were best fresh out of the oven, slightly cooled, but that's just me.  Worth an experiment anyway!


Julie Rogers said...

I made these this week too---not sure what I think yet? Part of me liked them, part of me--eh, not so sure?!?! Haven't decided if I will give them another go---you?


ruthy ann said...

i just had kale chips for the first time last week...i loved them!

Olivia Mitzel said...

my 9 year old and i LOVE these...

Kaitlin Hogan said...

I have to show this to my mom! She has been trying to make Kale chips for so long.

meegan said...

YES! this is the universe telling me to make these TODAY! (I bought a bundle of Kale two days ago, and it's just been sitting untouched in my fridge)

+1 on garlic salt

i've never had kale chips, so i'm curious to see how strong they are. i like anything salted and baked to high heaven though (brussel sprouts anyone?) :)

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