Headband of the Month Club

I love getting packages in the mail.  It's a nice change from the stacks of bills that flood our home each month.  Here's an easy way to ensure you get at least ONE fun thing delivered to your door each month. 

Become a member of my headband of the month club! 

And if you think everything I have is only designed for small babies and girls, you're sorely mistaken.  Along with picking your headband each month, you can select the size, so as your baby grows, gifts need to be purchased and tastes change, you'll always have options!  Every design can also be attached to a structured headband (in case you're not into the Pocahontas thing - I think it's cute, I am just incapable of pulling it off myself!)  Or mix up the collection even more and have the design attached to an alligator or snap clip.

click {here} for details and purchase options

This membership is a great gift for a new baby, or a wonderful way to grow your collection!  Each month, you will be emailed for your choice of two headbands.  You will get an email the month BEFORE the holiday (for example, August 15th for September's selection) to ensure you have props for those holidays and photo ops! 

Also, because the shipping is already included in the cost of the membership, you can add addition items to your order each month and I'll waive the shipping cost on those items too!  Those monthly packages just got a little bit sweeter!

Want a taste of what you could be adding to your collection??

Excited?!  Good!  Now go get it!!  Buy {here}


Leah said...

such an adorable gift! love your work!

Shannon Dew said...

Oh if only I could get KP to keep a headband on!

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