Guest Post: Updating and Archiving Your Old Blog Posts

Remember Gina from my July Sponsors shout out?  Here she is, sharing invaluable advice on keeping your blog current, even if it's five years old.  Take it away, Gina...
If you’ve had a blog for a couple years, like me, you likely had scattered beginnings, like me. Your first few posts may have been inspired, funny, adorable...but have you read them since? Did it start out a fashion blog and become a food blog?

After I moved from Blogger to Wordpress, I told myself I’d go through all my old posts and weed out the ones that are no longer relevant. I finally managed this. It was pretty intimidating, but after doing so, I realized how important it is! My reasons are 5-fold. :)

Archives look and sound intimidating, but you can learn a lot from your past self!
  1. Old posts may or may not reflect who you are or what your blog is about now. If a reader chooses to start at the very beginning (a very good place to start...), they shouldn’t become confused. There should be a natural development of both blog and blogger. If a post doesn’t fit in to your mission statement, just delete it! You want your ENTIRE blog to reflect you, not just your latest post.

  2. You will find old posts that make you laugh, or have meaningful advice worth sharing again. Go ahead! Share it on your social medium of choice. Readers who haven’t had time to sift through your old stuff will love that you brought it to their attention. If you didn’t have Twitter back when you published the piece, maybe nobody got a chance to see it! It may be a winner. : )

  3. Long-forgotten articles can be real gems!

  4. Ever promise to write about something and forgot? You can delete that post (or just the promise and pretend you never said it), OR you can take the challenge! It’ll depend on how good you think the idea is, and how well it fits into your blog now.

  5. If you’ve ever started a weekly feature (“Cute Animal Friday!”, “Margarita Recipe Monday!”) and it didn’t pan out...you may have forgotten to go back and edit the first few. If you published “Cute Animal Friday #1!” and it was the only one...you can just take out the part about Friday, and the “#1”. Then you just have a random cute animal post! Nothing wrong with that.

  6. Lastly, even if the post is great, you might want to tweak the titles and search terms to make sure people SEE it when they search certain topics. If the title only makes sense to you, and it isn’t clear what the post is about, change it up! The title should always make things obvious and it should draw people in. Along these lines... improve or remove bad photos. Super important.

All these old volumes need is colour photos and fresh titles, amiright?

Yes, going through the archives is tedious, but sooo worth it. Just make sure you turn off automatic sharing, so your Twitter feed doesn’t go CRAZY as you update each of your 350 posts... : ) oops.

Thanks again Liz for this awesome opportunity! Love your blog and glad to be a part of it for a day!

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