Email Marketing

You want to write a blog. You meticulously plan out content and posts. You design your banner, carefully pick colors and fonts, and even get your first few followers (hi, Mom). And still, you want more. Now what?

email marketing

You need to market yourself. Traffic doesn’t just appear from thin air, you need to nurture it along. There are several wonderful avenues to attracting readers, and one very effective tool is the email newsletter. The content and images are all right there, you just need to plunk it down in a format that’s easy and appealing to your audience.

Where to start? There are lots of tools out there; most are free or fairly cheap, especially if you’re starting with a smaller list of recipients. My personal favorite is MailChimp. For a gal who has zero background in HTML coding or graphic design, this web-based tool is a Godsend. They have hundreds of templates to choose from, all customizable (remember those fonts and colors you so carefully selected?) and don’t forget the reporting. Comprehensive tracking of open, click, and bounces. You can even track WHO did each thing. And being that the reader is your number one priority in this game (aside from the actual promotion of yourself) MailChimp even makes sign up a breeze by helping you design and embed your form {like this.}

The next trick is finding the right balance of content and timing. You want to stay current and fresh, without bombarding or worse, ignoring your readers. Remember you’re competing with all kinds of other inbox intruders, and you don’t want to be discounted as spam. In my opinion, a daily newsletter is overkill.  You've got Facebook, Twitter and the likes to reach out daily.  Weekly may be more manageable, especially if you have certain days/contest/link parties to promote. This would be a good reminder for your followers to check you out, in case you’re not on their daily read list (yet).

For those who are starting out, and trying to develop credibility without overwhelming your readers, monthly is probably the best place to start. Highlight your favorites, or promote those posts that didn’t get a ton of traffic to boost things up a bit. And always, always, always have links back to things. If they click once, they’ll click again.

There's nothing wrong with self-promotion.  Do it proudly, but do it respectfully too.


Leah said...

I have never thought about doing a newsletter... I just promote on FB and I guess IG counts too sorta. How often do you send yours? once a week? I'm going to sign up and check yours out. Super informative post!

Becky said...

Thanks for the tip. I've never thought about sending out a newsletter, and I didn't know you had one either! That's such a great idea. Going to check it out.

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