Cabin Bound

My mother come from a large, German family.  We are the equivalent of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" families, without all the Nicks or roasting lamb on the front lawn.  And in true family form, we're all cousins and aunts/uncles despite the first, second removed shenanigans (that Nate still tries to explain to which we all nod politely and say "Yeah, cousin, that's what I said.")

The first weekend for the Fourth of July-week-of cabin-fun was spent with some of these folks in Pine City (or Pinecone City if you ask Olivia)  On any given weekend, you'll find at least 12-15 people there, if not more, and it's crazy fun.  Loud, beer, water, Frisbee games, hot sun and great, great fun!

Two princess "cousins" with cute, new braids.

My cousin Lindsey, her husband Brian and their daughter Halle, who, at the moment, is none too pleased with her hat and life jacket.

Mama love (see, she's doing better in the water.)

Floating island.  The best place to be on the lake.

Pleased as punch to have gotten out the island by herself.

How does the lake water taste, there Avery?  Ish.

Digging for sand in the shallow water.  It's the simple joys, I tell ya.

Avery and "Uncle" Jay (who's actually my mother's cousin, so he's my first cousin, once removed.  See why "uncle" is easier?)

Still licking the lake water, but I'll take the snuggles.
I love these days.  I am so glad that my kids get to be around this big, wild, crazy family where there is love and laughter.

Little Girls Dresses from Shabby Apple

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