Stage Fright: Not an Issue

Saturday was not Olivia's first performance.  She had put on a Christmas production of sorts {here}.  But that was about forty-five minutes.  And only of her class.  And free.

Saturday was the recital.  If I could figure out the HTLM code to make those letters blink and flash and light up, I would because that's the kind of day that it was.  For those of you who were in dance as a youngin' you'll remember the build up and excitement to this day.  If you were a competitive dancer, this may have been a weekly thing for you - I was a "recreational" dancer, so once a season for a few years, there was ONE BIG NIGHT.

I got to wear red lip stick, blue eye shadow (dating myself with that one) and remember getting roses from my Dad when it was all done.  Oh, and the Noxzema I used to get the goop off my face at the end of the night.  That smell still haunts me.

Now it was Liv's turn.  I don't want to have a "sparkle baby" but watching her get dolled up and perform - she really just glows.  She just LOVES it.

She's not that little bundle we carefully packed into the car that Saturday morning on our way home from the hospital.
She's not a baby who still wears footie jammies after bath.
She's not the toddling, stiff-legged new-walker, with arms in the air for balance.
She's this big kid who's proud of holding her breath underwater and doing an arabesque for seconds at a time without wobbling.

I totally smuggled in my camera.  It was against the rules, but there was no way I was passing up this grad party/wedding photo slide show fodder.  Try to guess where the teacher is standing off stage... 

I teared up at the rehearsal, and got teary again when she was up on stage for real.  The ballet song was "The Mom Song" for crying out loud.  The lyrics were all about how much the little girl loves her mom.  Only a stone-hearted person wouldn't tear up at that.

When the whole recital was over (four plus hours later - no joke!) everyone who had come to cheer for my girl gave her flowers and she was so excited to get them.  Our dining room table is covered in roses and greens and I'm jealous they're not for me.

Nana brought roses.  Notice Liv's pointed toe - I think she learned a thing or two from the big kids in the dressing room.

Auntie Jen and Uncle Jacob brought pink flowers that cousin Rory picked out. 
Grandma and Grandpa, with their pink carnations (sensing the color theme here?)  Please excuse the super stretched out tank top that was pulled down over her shoulders rather than up over her head.

She made out like a flower bandit!

When all was said of done, there was one treat she wanted to celebrate:  Cherry Berry.  It's a self-serve yogurt bar near our house.  After racing home to pick up Avery from the neighbors (who had been watching her for about two hours longer than I originally estimates - thank you again dear friends!) we turned the car towards our favorite local spot.

Yes there's mascara involved, but look at those lashes!

Best big sister ever.  As voted on by Avery.

My baby.  I'll keep saying that until I don't have breath in my lungs.  I understand now why my mom would say "You'll always be my baby."

The pride I feel is overwhelming.  And I'm excited because she's so proud too.  She knows she's done something awesome.  It's such a fun thing to watch.  And as my girls, and nieces and nephews and friends get older, the pride will grow until they're "too cool" so I'm going to hang on to these moments for as long as I can get them.


momFITtingitallin said...

Oh so sweet! How beautiful. Love her feeding her sister!

Katrine - make it and fake it said...

OMGGG< what a cutie!!!! i love that she is having so much fun, and that everyone went to see her!!! what an amazing support!!

love K

Melissa at Tall Blonde Blog said...

Awwww, she's beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my place!

Kelley @ TheGrantLife.com said...

Ok.. I cried! What a sweet angel girl you have Liz! Love her outfit, her hair, her flowers and helping little sister with the ice cream! LOVE IT ALL! :)

addicted to love said...

Your daughter is soooooo adorable!

I hope you can drop by my blog. http://www.teachlovewrite.blogspot.com

New follower here..

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