So What Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!  I have to say, I am could burst with bloggy pride!  You all have had such nice things to say, and while I do try to play it cool, I do love hearing how wonderful you think I am!

Are you ready?  Be sure to hop over to read what everyone else is complaining bitching bragging talking about this week.

  • I took picutures during The Blue Man group performance.  I just wanted to Instagram them, not sell them for profit!  But I'm not above that, if anyone's got an extra buck or two!
  • I may have "overpromoted" my guest spot at the Poop Whisperer, but I was so friggin pleased with that post {click here if you missed it, though I don't know how you could have!}
  • I had four spring rolls at lunch with my work husband.  It was a buffet.  I felt I had to eat more to make it count.
  • I stalk the National Camera used section almost daily.  I want a new camera so badly.  Too bad we need food, the mortgage and student loans paid first.
  • Now that Nate is gainfully employed, I fantasize about quitting my own job.  Refer to the previous bullet on why this is not happening.
  • I really really hate those "family stick figures" on the back of cars.  Like more than a person should.  What, because you have a family, I shouldn't rear-end you?  Stop distracting me with stupid stickers, then!
  • I've been kind of obsessed with Google Analytics lately.  I'm hoping to find some magical stat that will attract more sponsors {hint hint}
  • I'd rather get a bikini wax than go to the dentist, which is odd because way more people see my mouth than my crotch.
  • I've tried out several different signatures on this blog.  I'm sorry for the inconsistancy, but I just can't make up my mind!
  • I didn't get these patriotic headbands posted to Etsy sooner, now I'm going to be left with a lot of leftovers, unless you want one!  Super cheap and really cute, I promise.
What are you complaining bitching bragging talking about this week??



♥ Shar said...

Happy hump day Liz! LOL at bullet number 6! Just about everyone has them around here!

xo -Shar

Jessica said...

I visited the Poop Whisperer....good stuff! New follower from SWW!

Sarahsworld said...

You went to a buffet and only ate 4 spring rolls!? I'd eat that many in my own kitchen ;)

Vanessa Miller said...

I absolutely loved the post on Poop Whisperer and I even referenced it in a post of mine because I thought it was just perfect!


Leah said...

oooh i've never seen Blue Man Group, but always wanted to!

congrats on guest spotting over on the poop whisperer! that blog's awesome!

I am jealous, I want a work husband! My work bff's leaving me and maybe they will hire me on! crossing fingers.

I am semi obsessed with google analytics too. but then when my numbers drop and I think i've written good posts I get a little bummed. it sort of feels like a popularity contest and that's not how it should be... but lets face it, it kind of is.

i am going to the dentist to get 2 caveties filled this afternoon. but the last bikini was i got made me have triangular shaped blood stains in my clothes (real talk) so im not sure that's better.

i like your scripty signature i think. but also the hearts!

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