SO WHAT Wednesday #5

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  • Office life has been seriously dull since my work BFF moved away.  I'm seriously struggling from 8-4 every day.
  • I updated my resume to include my work here on this blog and my shop.  It's a big deal.  I should brag about it more.
  • I have taken the last two Friday's off, and plan to do the same this week.  It's summertime people!  I'm working with a super short Minnesota summer!
  • I know I should be excited for Olivia's dance recital on Saturday, but I'm kinda dreading the having to sit through every other kid's performance to see the two, 200-second dances where she may or may not participate.
  • I only had one glass of wine at our anniversary dinner because I ate so much food!  I didn't even order the creme brule! (this is big people)
  • I'm really glad that we found a school/day care for the girls to attend when Nate goes back to work next week, but I'm really sad they have to go at all.  But I like nice things, so income is needed - what can you do?
  • Nate repainted our living room.  I am not sad at all that I was not around to help with that "redecorating" element of the process.
  • Father's Day is four days away and "the girls" haven't shopped for their dad yet.  I've still got time to take them, right?
  • I have been seriously neglecting my Etsy shop.  But I have new beads (hopefully in my mailbox this afternoon) so new bracelets are on their way!
  • I am completely happy being a mom of two beautiful, healthy babies, but newborn pictures on Pinterest make my uterus glow like E.T's chest.
  • Avery is cutting teeth again and this reminds me why I am prepared to have this be my LAST time with a teething infant.
  • I shameless posted other people's photos of my kids on Facebook/Instagram this weekend. Hey, I made the "filter" edits, so it's like they were my photos, right?


♥ Shar said...

AMEN to #3! And second to the last bullet: AGREED! And my littlest one hasn't even started yet! :p

xoxo -Shar

J M Brown said...

What an adorable little boy in that last picture... let's hear about him... ;)

Also dreading watching other tots dance... but the smile she has on her face when she sees me will make every second more than worth it!

Leah said...

Your pics this week are adorable!
My work BFF just accepted a job and is leaving me toos, too :( I am hoping they will ask my opinion on the next work bff they hire... but what if it's someone awful I hate. Then I'll hate work. They really need to consult me.

Sonya Marie said...

omheck those pics!! ah! too cute!

My uterus has been glowing for a few months but with an international move coming up - I have to wait :[

Happiness Is... said...

I just found your blog and love it! I had to laugh at the one glass of wine. In college it used to be "eat less, fill up on alcohol" and now I seem to be all "gorge myself, where will the wine fit" - so sad!!

Look forward to reading more!

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