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It's no great secret that my bracelets are my newest obsessions.  {Check out my shop for the fruits of my labor.} They are very "now" and you know me - always trendy (ha!)  But it's an easy addition to my morning routine that helps me feel as cool as my younger co-workers.  Plus, sizes don't matter.  Weight, bloat, they always fit.  FINALLY!

One night, I was searching for Chan Luu-like bracelets (because after I worked on one for about three hours one night, I said THIS IS NOT FOR ME!)  I came across My Jlynn Designs and fell in love with her talent and style.  Jen's bracelets have classic color pallets, making any design a perfect addition and very wearable.

The natural beauty and gifts from our Earth surround us everyday. I continue to discover this daily in the beautiful stones that inspire my designs.  Natural products are not only beautiful but are said to produce beneficial results such as emotional and physical well being. Wearing organic products represent the very essence of who we are, the connection we have to each other, and helps connect us to our spirituality.   My designs are created with the idea of harnessing this energy into a fashionable form.  I am a married Mother of two beautiful children and an amazing husband.   I have a passion for jewelry design and hope to help connect people back to the basics through my designs.

5 wrap mixed semi-precious

5 wrap turquoise and leather

5 wrap Swarovski and grey pearl

Ready for the cool part?  Jen is offering up her gold nugget five wrap bracelet for ONE lucky reader.  This is serious swag, normally $75!  This is my favorite wrap that she carries and I'm so excited to be able to host this HUGE giveaway!

You can earn entries with the typical way, but this is too big to keep a secret.  You can earn FIVE entries a day for sharing on Facebook and Twitter.  Share the love and increase your chances of winner!

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Ashley at flats to flip flops said...

What a great giveaway! Now following along!

mom FITting it all in said...

So super excited!!! Hope I am a winner!

♥ Shar said...

Thanks for posting this giveaway!


xoxo -Shar

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