My Backstage Rider

One of my (many) guilty pleasures is reading the gossip mags.  I even get some delivered to my home - US Weekly comes to Madame Lizard Brownie (thanks to the subscription being set up by my hilarious sister)

You've all seen stories about the extraordinary celebrity requests for their dressing rooms:
  • Adele asks that her tour bus be stocked with "a selection of “bite-size” chocolate bars, including Twix, Aero, Milky Way, and Mars"'
  • Beiber requests "one Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler, Purell antibacterial soap, and an assortment of plain white t-shirts and “lo-rise” socks" - why can't be pack his own clothes??
  • Jennifer Hudson wants "some baked hot wings" when she's done performing on stage.
  • Van Halen (back when anyone cared if they toured or not) requested that all the brown M&Ms be removed from the candy dish.
How how does a person even get to be that PICKY? 

Maybe it's the toddler mentality of "let me see how much I can get away with."  And if you get big enough, no one says no.  But that doesn't mean you should make some poor, minimum wage intern run around like a lunatic trying to check everything off the list.
So I thought, in the interest of dreaming big, what would I ask for in my dressing room?  What would I make that poor intern do for me? So, just for fun, pie in the sky - the ARTIST, Liz, would ask for:
  • A private bathroom, with Jacuzzi tub large enough so the ARTIST can lay and have both her boobs and knees in the water at once.
  • Four (4) giant, fluffy, white bath towels.  Preferably bath sheets from Pottery Barn.
  • A buffet of food from Noodles & Co., including the Mac and Cheese, Med Salad and Med Sandwich.  No cucumbers may be used in these dishes.
  • Chips and guacamole from Chipotle.
  • A deli platter of various meats and cheeses and Italian antipasti
  • A plate (8 or more) of Snickerdoodle cookies from Noodles & Co.
  • Various candy, including Swedish Fish, Skittles, Mini gummy bears and Milk Duds
  • A case (24 or more) of chilled bottle water.
  • Twelve (12) bottles (not cans) of Diet Coke with Lime, on ice.
  • Twelve (12) bottles (not cans) of Summer Shandy, on ice.
  • Three (3) chilled bottles of Ecco Domani Pino Grigio
  • One (1) chilled bottle of Grey Goose
  • Three (3) bottles of Diet Tonic Water
  • Six (6) limes, cut into wedges.  Limes must be juicy and not dried out.
  • Bucket of fresh ice, separate from pop and beer containers.
  • Furniture must include,: a large couch, long enough for the ARTIST to nap on, two large arm chairs, no extra throw pillows, two (2) faux-sheepskin throws from Pottery Barn 
  • Massage therapist on-call
  • See separate CHILDREN OF THE ARTIST rider for their room

Not too bad, right?  A few of my favorites - especially that throw from Pottery Barn.  Have two in my house right now!
What would you ask for?  Remember, the sky's the limit!

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Mary said...

1. A personal note taker to dictate everything I say onto paper.
2. A pillowtop King Size mattress all to myself with brand new never been laid on white sheets and new pillows all without the 'new' smell.
3. A Starbucks Iced White Chocolate Mocha, nonfat, no whip.
4. A library with a variety of books so I can choose differently according to my mood

That's all for now, this was hard!

mom FITting it all in said...

I like the list!!!! You go ARTIST :)

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