Hung on Too Long

As a self-confessed TV junkie, I shared with you some of my saddest moments of TV shows {here} that went away before their time.

But what about those others?  The stinkers that get to cling, and scrape along until one day, you look at the TV guide and say "is that stupid show still on?"

I loved this show when it first aired.  It was witty, and charming, and filmed in the now uber popular non-studio audience setting.  The characters grew and matured and then, they pulled a "Saved by the Bell: The College Years" on us and moved a few of the key characters to a university setting to teach med students.  Yawn.  I should have known it would be terrible when they changed networks, but I tried to stay loyal, and eventually gave up with the rest of America.

I wasn't an instant fan of this show.  Nate introduced it to me while we were dating, and being the love-struck girl that I was, I wanted to like the things that he liked, so I gave it a try.  I was actually really good.  House was this jerk that you hated, but loved.  The perfect mix of hero and villain to keep you invested in every episode.  Plus, it was fairy episodic, so if you missed an episode, or the first several seasons in my case, you could catch up next week.  But then they brought in a mean detective to prosecute House for his prescription pain-killer drug use.  And a whole new group of lackeys to chase around after him.  Then I saw some ad where he was in a prison uniform.  No thanks.  It just got too... well, predictable.
But I do know what sarcoidosis and amyloidosis are now.

Oh my God.  The best and worst show, maybe ever.  Best because for YEARS, I planned my Wednesday nights around being able to watch this.  The cliffhangers at the end of each episode were amazing.  And sure, they had polar bears in the middle of the jungle, and a weird little Scot who lived in an underground hatch keeping the rest of the world safe from impending doom.  But the characters, and the flashbacks to their real lives.  And those damn numbers.  I HAD to know what it all meant.  When the writers finally announced that they had written all of the episodes and things would come to an end, I was relieved.  Finally, we'd learn what Darma and all of it meant.  The worst came with the series finale.  So many questions still unanswered.  And what - the island was really Heaven?  What about the time warp?  What about Jack and Claire being brother and sister?  What was the island??  What. The. Hell.

The best trash on basic cable.  All the drama with Kimber and Christian, Sean has a mid-life crisis, Julia becomes a lesbian, Christian has breast cancer and then he doesn't.  And skin and sex for days.  Not that I'm totally into that, but for the fun of TV, I'll buy into it.  This is the perhaps the worst hang-on offender.  By the end, nothing looked the same.  They'd jumped the shark so many times, they make Fonzie look like he was swimming in a wading pool.  Sean was an actor, Christian married the lesbian anesthetist, Kimber drown.  The shock tactics were far too great and insulting to my intelligence.  From now on, I'll get my smut from the real geniuses at HBO, thank you very much.

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