Happy Dad

When Olivia was born, I remember kissing her head and saying, "Thank you for making me a mom."  In that same breath, I knew she had made Nate a dad.  We were a lot of things before she came along, and once there was this pink, wonderful baby in our arms, we'd take on the most critical title of all:  parent.

Sunday was Father's Day.  I feel a little guilty that I didn't make a "huge" day of it for Nate, but in fairness, he's not a "fanfare" kind of guy.  Simple is better for him.  He picked our "activity" which is kind of a joke.  If it were truly his choice, he'd watch baseball for 16 hours with lots of meat and salted snacks.  Instead, we went to the aquarium at the Mall of America.  The first choice was the Minnesota Zoo, but when the pennies were counted, we realized we could go to Sea Life twice for what one trip to the zoo would be.

Avery shouted and "oohed" at every fish she saw, Liv got brave enough to finally touch a starfish in the tide pool and we saw some pretty amazing turtles, sharks and eels.  There was a point when were in the underwater tunnels and Liv was screaming and naming everything she saw and Nate turned to me smiling and said "This was totally worth the forty bucks."

*Side note about me* I love aquariums.  I am a Shark Week junkie and wanted to be a dolphin trainer when I was little (I would pretend to put on "Sea World" shows in my parents' pool.  I am pleased that my girls have inherited that same love.  That and they watch Diego rescue animals, so I guess we can share the credit for fostering the passion.

First stop, the ray pool.  Nose to nose with them made Avery's day!

View from up top!

This is not our first trip, but she finally got brave enough to get a finger in the water and touch a chocolate chip starfish.  I think the name had something to do with it.

Tide pool ladies.

So dark, but the glowing room of sting rays is one of my favorites.

Trying a little Picmonkey B&W action.  I think I need more practice.

How did my children not inherit my darling husbands photogenic nature? Sadly, they got their "camera pizazz" from me!
A little Chipolte for lunch, late afternoon naps for the girls and me (and Nate got to watch the Twins go 15 innings) and a steak dinner, finished with a strawberry cupcake (guess who picked the pink one at the store).  Not a bad day for my baby daddy.

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Shannon Dew said...

Sounds like a perfect day to me! Your girls are darling!

Bronwyn said...

What a great day out! And such a handsome hubby, too!

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