Breakfast with Curious George!

Oh my, our little strong-willed child met her goal!  We got to have breakfast with Curious George on Saturday!

The build up was probably more exciting that the actual meet and greet!  But once he was there, we have one very happy child...

And one who was like "Ummm...Where the cute little cartoon version of the monkey?  This thing is huge and freaking me out!"

We feasted on pink yogurt, bagels, and sprinkle doughnuts.  And according to Nate, the worst coffee he's ever had.  I guess that's what you get for 10 bucks.  I personally was disappointed there was no Diet Coke, but I suppose it was a breakfast targeted at children.  Whatever.

There were monkey masks to color and story time with a Curious George book.  Something about going on a train - I was too distracted wrestling the wiggliest 15-month old baby on Earth.

Olivia had a good time, but after he exciting week of a new school and a sleepover at Grandma's the night before, she wasn't on her BEST behavior, but still made a fun morning of it.

Waiting of our photo op 
Best buddies (and she's actually looking at the camera!)
Avery, still not sure.  And still constantly moving as seen by the blur.  I need a better camera.
This experience was a good one for Olivia to have.  Not because she got to meet a beloved character, but because she worked for something and earned it.  The next "puff ball" goal is to stop sucking her thumb.  This is a HUGE hurdle for us to overcome and Mom and Dad may give up before she does, but it's worth a try, right?  Plus, I'm super sick of the overbite and drool.

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Sarahsworld said...

I loved you guest post for TPW! I'm your newest follower :)

Kathryn said...

Wow, looks like fun! Found you on the mingle. Now following via google friend, twitter, fb and pinterest. Would love follows back www.cumminslife.blogspot.com

Lindsay said...

I'm your newest follower- found you from your guest post @ poop today. I love your blog, so I guess that means I love you as well! Can't wait to sit down with some wine and read more. Your girls a super cute and I have an Olivia as well.

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