Firefighters Can Wear Pink

We have the great fortune that both of my parents are retired and willing to watch the girls a few days a week.  You can't beat the love and attention that grandparents pay (even if they do have a tendency to spoil) and hey - child care is EXPENSIVE.

Across the street from my folks lives an adorable family.  Their two little ones have birthdays close to one another, so we were invited to a combo Fireman/Hello Kitty birthday.  It was awesome.  Hello Kitty cake, along with a real fireman and truck!

Maple Grove Engine 11 came down Berkshire Lane, lights and all.  The Birthday Boy, Elijah, was beyond thrilled - and so were all the other kids, adults and grandparents.

All smiles from the inside of the truck

Birthday party crew, and Fireman Andy

My Mom and Dad, and my Sweetheart
Andy let the little ones use the fire hose

And the grown-ups wanted to get in on the action.
You bet I took a turn!  When was I gonna get another chance!?

Liv had to ask if he rescued kittens from trees.
Not so much, kiddo.
After all the fun and games, we went back to swim at Casa de Kipp.  First time for 2012.  I can't wait for more summer days like these!

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What a cute post! Thanks for sharing.

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