So What! Wednesday

It's the time again...

  • I agreed to get a bike with the main intention of taking family rides to Cherry Berry (local frozen yogurt bar)
  • I am having the hardest time finishing "Mocking Jay" (third book in the Hunger Games series.  I just don't care anymore about Katniss and her boy drama.)
  • I am watching HBO's Girls even though I'm way too old to relate to these 22-year olds.  To quote a character from episode 3:  You could not PAY me to be 22 again.
  • I am not sure Olivia will make it to her 4th birthday with me.  She's at "that age" that I pray Avery will skip.
  • I am trying to "destash" items on Etsy only to find MORE things that I want to make and sell.  So much for the downsizing and de-cluttering of my office!
  • I can't remember the last time my family ate a hot vegetable side that wasn't from a steam fresh frozen bag.
What are you saying "so what?" to!  I'd love to hear!!

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