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This project is so super cute and easy.  

I promise, it will probably take you longer to decide on the cutest photo of your sweetie than it will to actually assemble this graphic masterpiece.

Start by visiting my new favorite website PicMonkey.  Totally free.  100%.  You don't even need to enter in an email address to play around with this beauty.  Maybe you'll remember me singing its praises when I showed you how to make your own "Quotable Wall Art."

Select you photo and starting adding in text

Play around with fonts, colors and sizes.  Truly, there is no wrong way to make these, which is why I love it so much.  No double checking steps and materials.  No seams to match up, or finger tips to burn on hot glue (though I do love a good hands-on project).

This is all about your sweetheart, memories and imagination.

Once you've got all the words out where you want them, click the "merge" button to bring all of the layers together into 1 level on your photo.

And save.  

That's all.  Seriously.  Five minutes - five hours.  It's totally up to you and your editing and tweaking needs.

Isn't she the greatest?

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