My Favorite Cancelled TV Shows

I make no excuses for my love affair with TV.  The warm glow that envelops me and I lounge quietly on the couch.  I do not have the luxury of being the couch-junkie that I would like (remember those two gorgeous girls I mention every now and then?) but I do have the fortune of DVR and a few quiet hours every now and then to soak in as much non-Nick Jr. fair as I'd like.

In thinking about all of the shows that do make it to screen, some of which I do watch, there is a lot of good stuff that doesn't make it - and a lot of crap that just hangs on for way too long.

Sadly, Cancelled

1.  Reunion
Who remembers this show??  I think that my BFF, Genna, and I may have been the only 2 people who watched it back in 2005 before The O.C. made it big on Fox, which is probably why it didn't last.  I still loved the drama, cliff-hangers and flash-back elements that took us through the lives of 6 friends from a high school mishap, to now 20 years later.  Ending after only 13 of the 20 years shown, the show left me more than a little disappointed.  I guess the plot lines were released to blogs and the last episode was shown (not in the US of course)  Ugh.  I'm still bitter over this one.

2.  Samantha Who?
I loved her when she was Kelly Bundy, and Christina Applegate only got more beautiful and charming.  Insert her best friend, Melissa McCarthy (now famous for pooping in a sink in Bridesmaids) and you've got  wonderful chemistry.  Oh, and let's not forget the hottie Barry Watson as the male interest.  The show ends before we know if they get back together after Samantha's accident.  And before I learn to curl my hair like her character!

3.  My Name is Earl
If you watched movies in the 90s, you've certainly see Jason Lee perform as the charming, stoner friend in many Kevin Smith flicks.  This series was perfect for those who wanted a humorous take on faith and kindness, without religious anecdotes shoved down their throats.  Karma:  Do good things, good things happen.  This is the basic tenet of my life!!  I'd found my soul-mate on TV (minus the trailer park and dirty flannels!)  It was episodic enough that you could miss a week or two and not feel lost, but the story followed well enough to make the plot run smoothly.  I miss that mustached fool.

4.  Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Oh Matthew Perry.  I loved you on Friends and I loved you on this show.  I even loved you in The Whole Nine Yards (but not the sequel.  Leave it alone people!)  Think 30 Rock in a dram-edy setting.  Sure, it didn't have Jack Donaghy, but it was still awesome.  One season - that's all it lasted.  Maybe that's why I love Tina Fey so much. (PS, read her book Bossypants if you haven't already.  Laugh out loud hilarious.  I promise.)

5.  My So Called Life
Teen angst.  Romance from afar.  Jansport backpacks over one shoulder.  Crazy ripped leggings, and other funky styles you wanted desperately to try but we're "cool" enough to start the trend.  The token non-white, who's also gay.  What more could a show need!  Another one-timer.  And what was worse was that I started watching the show with my older sister the night of the finale.  My love of this show comes purely from re-runs in syndication.  That's devotion.  Plus it helped that Claire Danes was in Romeo & Juliet with Leonardo DiCaprio.  Yum.

What shows make your list??


Becky said...

Poor Matthew Perry--he keeps ending up on shows that get cancelled. Samantha Who was awesome! I haven't seen any of the other shows on this list, but I know what it's like when your favorite show gets cancelled :(

Cajun Cowgirl said...

Loved Studio 60! And some Matthew Perry. He seems to catch the rough end it seems!

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