Mini Fruit Pizza

I love a good sugar cookie.  Add fresh fruit and cream cheese and you really can't go wrong.

I first made these for my BFF's baby shower and I've been meaning to share with you all on how you can enjoy these at your next party (or Sunday night, I don't judge the need for sweets!)

Bake sugar cookies according to your favorite recipe.  I personally love my grandmother's recipe:  Nestle Tollhouse. {if you watched FRIENDS, you're laughing right now}

The "sauce" is a brick of cream cheese, softened to room temperature, mixed with a jar of marshmallow fluff.

Top with your favorite fruits - I used raspberries, blueberries and kiwi fruit, but the choice if yours.  Go nuts!  or Go Fruity as the case may be!

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Heather Kinnaird said...

what a great party idea!

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