Going on a Bear Trip

I am not a frequent flyer by any means, but I have gone on enough trips to be a fairly efficient packer.

For myself.

Then add in the husband who waits until the last minute to get anything together, and then remembers as we're walking out the door that he needs ANOTHER pair of size 14 shoes.  Things get trickier.

And then the kids.  Think back to that overwhelming afternoon after you'd opened all those baby shower gifts and thought:  how could one tiny person need so much stuff?  And then they grow, and get MORE stuff.  And then you travel somewhere, and need to plan for every meal, meltdown and nap in between.

This Memorial Weekend, we're heading to Geneva, IL (a burb of Chicago) to visit my sister and her family.  I AM SO EXCITED!  My sister and brother-in-law moved away almost five years ago, and I still don't think I've fully recovered from their departure.  I miss them, and I miss my nephews and niece, so any chance that it's feasible for a trip (read: can tolerate a 6+ hour car ride) I want to go for a visit.

Being that I need to start to plan and organize well in advance to get myself and the kids (and let's face it, the hubs) out the door, I like to make a list.  Check it off, know it's in the car (somewhere) and we're good to go.  Wanna know what we're taking with us this weekend??

This list is not complete.  I know I need to pack clean underwear.  Mama raised me right!!

I also need book recommendations to load up the iPad with those gift cards I mentioned (mine!  not sharing with those sticky faced beauties!)  I've read the Hunger Games series (could have stopped with #1), Sarah's Key (LOVE IT, if you haven't read it already you need to) and I don't think porn (aka 50 Shade of Gray) is appropriate for a road trip.  Gimme your best!

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Cajun Cowgirl said...

I think I found your blog from Shannon's but have been reading. I'm with you on the list making. I have, have, have to in order to get from A to B these days.

As far as reading--The Story of Edgar Sawtelle is one of my favorites as is Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. I also loved Little Bee. These are all heart-tuggers but I love them!

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