Happy Day for Mamas

Mother's Day is one of those Hallmark holidays that I didn't appreciate as a youngster, and probably even as a young adult.  And then I became a mother.

I tried explaining to Olivia, as she screamed at me from the stroller at the Como Zoo, that I wanted the day to be a nice one.  It was a celebration for her and me (and Avery too, of course, but she was too busy jabbering at the giraffes to be offended).  Olivia made me a mom.  She made Nate and me parents.  She was the thing that first made us a family (sorry furry friends, you only "kinda" counted).

We had our mix of laughter and tantrums during this sunshine filled weekend (not to mention quite the display that caused her crackers and juice to make a second appearance and thorough scrub down of the back seat a required activity on Sunday afternoon).

Picking the perfect spot for planting

Special pink leaves for Liv (would another color even be an option?)

Me and my girls (and my Diet Coke - don't judge)

Avery was nose to nose with the snow leopard

In between stubborn fits, she can be a very a sweet girl

The Driving School Ride - which ended too soon

It was a wonderful weekend, even with the tears.  It's all too real and it goes by all too quickly.

How did you spend your day??

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ashley @ little miss momma said...

What a beautiful day! your kids are stunning and so are you--and you are also a fabulous writer :) xoxo, ashley

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