Your Children Want YOU

Through the wonderful world of social media, I found this blog and it totally resonated with me and everything that I've been saying to myself over the past few weeks.

I work outside of the home, full-time.  And then I come home, and some nights I still have "office" work to do once the kids go down.  And then I have Etsy.  And this blog.  And my husband.  And the house.  And Bravo TV.  Oh, and maybe a shower and nap on the weekends.

I love it all, but it's A LOT.

I have to remember it's OK to not do everything on that "to-do" list
it's OK to say "no"
it's OK to take time for me

So I'm going to take on April's challenge:
Recognize any tendencies you might have to get wrapped up in discouragement, and set up a regular way to remind yourself that your children want you.

I might not be the super-organized, home-schooling, project-making, 4-course dinner serving, triathlon-running, always perfectly-dressed and coiffed woman that I aspire to be, but my girls think I hung the moon.

I get tight hugs, and sweet kisses, and whispers that "I'm the best."

And my husband thinks I'm still hot after 2 babies and a less than regulated exercise routine.

So I must be doing something right - even if by accident.


Shannon Dew said...

I read that article too and LOVED it! I think all moms should read it!

mom FITting it all in said...

You were my inspiration today! thank you http://momfittingitallin.blogspot.com/2012/04/my-children-want-me.html

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