Why can't we be friends?

My newest obsession in my Etsy shop are these beaded friendship bracelets.

Don't you remember buying up the rows and rows of gorgeous embroidery floss, tying strands into a knot and pinning the strings to your jeans to braid and knot them into bracelets for all your friends?  You'd wear them until they were smelly and faded and practically fell off your wrists, but they were from your BEST FRIENDS!  That was a forever kind of gift!

So here's my version for the grown-up best friends in your life.  I sell them individually with gold, silver or shiny black beads.  I prefer the sets of three, because, hey, who doesn't want more wrist candy?  Plus - they're cheaper to buy as a set, and I'm all about saving my shoppers the bucks.  I'm pretty proud of these combinations, but I can do them in just about any color (30 colors to be exact!)  In face, the pink/yellow/teal set was created at a shoppers request.  I loved it so much, it got a listing all it's own.  I guess neon is a big thing these days - again, much like those friendship bracelet braiding days.  If I see the big waterfall bang coming back, I'm seriously going to call shenanigans though!

Spring Neons
Bright and White

Black and Bold

I want to know - what do you think?  Do you have your set yet?  What are your favorite color combinations that I should create?  Inspiration is contagious!  ENJOY!

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