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I live in a split-level home in the suburbs of Minneapolis.  Two bedrooms up, one down, complete with a toy room for the kids.  Let me tell you, this house is great, except for the lack of storage (only because we continue to accumulate without purging anything).

I do wish we had another bedroom upstairs (so the babies wouldn't have to share) and
that the kitchen was larger (obviously) and
that we had a master bathroom (so I wouldn't have to step over 3 other people to put mascara on in the morning)

Source: etsy.com via Liz on Pinterest

But it's a wonderful home.  It's ours.  We bought it right after we got married, almost FIVE years ago!  Wow.  I actually didn't picture us being in this home for that long.  One baby, a few summers and then we'd get a "forever" home, with all of the lavish functions that my heart desired.

Stupid economy.  Stupid housing market.  Stupid a lot of things, but we have a HOME.  A place to live that keeps us warm and safe.

But I like to dream.  It's good to have goals and to keep striving, otherwise, what's the point, right.

So here's a tour of my dream home, a la Pinterest.

This is where my family would neatly tuck away all of their items upon entering the home, mud and dirt-free:

This is where I would cook my four-course dinners every night:

Source: houzz.com via Liz on Pinterest

This is where MY wardrobe will go:

Source: houzz.com via Liz on Pinterest

This is where I would watch my children play (and the 20-something pool boy work):

Source: houzz.com via Liz on Pinterest

Again, only MOM's bathtub:

And at the end of the day, here's where the hubs and I would watch Mad Men and Game of Thrones - al fresco!

Source: houzz.com via Cheryl on Pinterest

Keep dreaming, right!? 

Yes.  Yes I will.

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Becky said...

I love all of these ideas! The bathtub, the pool--ugh, if only I lived in a house like this!

I'm your newest follower :) come check out my blog at preppypremed.blogspot!


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