Photos with Jill Hotujec

According to L on Etsy started out as a way for me to make cute things for my girls and myself.  I planned on having it be simple, every-day fare. 

Quickly, inspiration (as well as client asks) lead me down the path of photography props as well.  With these sales, I've met so many wonderful and talented photographers, and I am so grateful for their loyalty and supporting my little hobby!

As you well know, my darling Baby Belle, Avery turned one at the end of March.  Feeling the Mom guilt for not capturing half as many moments of hers as I did for her older sister, I knew I had to get some one-year photos on the books.  Jill was willing to offer her services and I am so pleased to share her work with you!

And more importantly, my smiling,
sweet baby girl,
who's not so much a baby anymore.

You can check out Jill's blog here

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