My First Giveaway!

I have been fortunate enough to be featured on other blog sites, and been so happy to offer up a gift for one of their lucky readers for their fan-ship!

I realized I should do the same for myself and for my wonderful fans who have come to find my little shop and support me!  According to L on Etsy and our Facebook page has over 1,000 fans!  I remember the day I hit that milestone and I was so proud of myself.  This little endevor was just something that I started to have fun for myself and it's turned into something the provides me with some nice "walking around" money (as my husband calls it).

My first passion was always writing, so this blog deserves some of my love and attention too.  And your reward for following along will be a set of my very lovely beaded bracelets.

Enter with any or all of these options:
** Follow this blog
** Like me on Facebook
** Share this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter
** Sign up to receive my newsletter

A winner will be randomly selected on April 20th!

OH!  And if you were doing any of the awesome things listed above BEFORE this post launches, make a note in the comments section to claim credit!



Sara Grace said...

1. I already followed your blog & liked you on FB :)
2. I am passing on The Liebster Award on to you! Check out my latest blog post for details! :)

Jess said...

1. I had already liked you on FB before this but for some reason wasnt a follower of your blog, but now i am!

Charlie's Mommy said...

I was a follower of your blog before this post; however, I no longer have a FB. Took up too much of my time. Congrats on your milestones!!

Cindy said...

I follow you via GFC. Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway. :)


Cindy said...

I like you on Facebook - Cindy A.


Cindy said...




Cindy said...

I subscribe to your newsletter.


mom FITting it all in said...

I so want to win a set of the bracelts - LOVE LOVE them.
I already follow your amazing BLOG, I just liked you on facebook and I tweeted about you as well.

Also - BEFORE I read this post I gave you the an award. Check out my blog


Stephanie said...

I am following you on FB. Thank you for the chance! It is beautiful!


Stephanie said...

I am following you on GFC. Thank you for another chance!


happygrape said...


Lauren R. said...

Liked you on Facebook :)

Lauren R. said...

Signed up for your newsletter :)

Ashley Kay said...

I am drooling over these and your Etsy shop! They are beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win! Loving following you :) xo, Ashley

Christy said...

Followed you on the blog
Liked you on Facebook
Signed up for your newsletter
Shared on Facebook

I LOVE your work. Hoping to order soon! :)

Not sure why my name is not attaching... Christy


Living On Trees said...

Followed your blog :) (through L.A.I.D. blog)

Living On Trees said...

I "like" you on FB

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