Happy Birthday Avery!

Sweet Avery, it's hard to believe it's been a year since you were born.

 You are my happiest baby girl, always smiling (or mouth wide open, fly catcher-style)

You always want to learn and are so proud of your accomplishments - we're so proud to watch you too!

On April 29th, you celebrated your birthday birthday.  I bought a cupcake with pink frosting for you to eat.

You are not a big fan of having your hands get dirty, so I wasn't sure how this experiment would go.  It did not take you long to tolerate the sticky nature of the frosting, for the sweet trade off of the flavor!

You are your mother's daughter and pretty much only ate the frosting.  The actual cake was fine if it made it into your little fist, but you were more intent on eating the frosting off the top (your big sister does the same!)

Other fun facts about you at 12 months old:
  • You weigh 23 lbs and are 32 inches long (off the percentile charts!  Dad did the math and of every 1,000 babies your age, only 40 are taller than you)
  • You are taking steps and trying to walk, but you're still much faster crawling and prefer that mode of transportation to keep up with your big sister.
  • You will eat a green vegetable over a fruit ANYDAY
  • Hopper is your best guy to sleep with for bedtime.  You grab him, put in your thumb and are out for 12 hours.  Even through Olivia's nighttime singing before she falls asleep.
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse holds your attention better than any other show, but you still prefer to look at books over the TV (poor nanny, Televania)
  • We are teaching you animal sounds and your favorite to do is the monkey "oo oo, ah ah" - you laugh at yourself you're so proud!
  • Your other "party trick" is your "ahhh, whatsthat" when you point at something new.  We can tell you're so smart because you want to inspect and learn about everything in your growing world.
  • You give tight hugs and big kisses (usually with an open-mouth, but we tolerate the slime because it's too sweet to ignore)
  • You think the word "no" is VERY funny and about the only trigger for a tantrum you have is when you can't hold your own juice box (learned that one the hard way!)

Happy birthday, Baby Belle.  Your dad and I love you more than we ever knew we could.  I cannot wait for the next year and all of the joy that you will continue to bring to our lives!

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Meg G @ Pugs, Kisses, and Bumblebee Wishes said...

I have an Avery too! And she will be one on April 25th! Happy Birthday! She is a cutie!

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