Free Redbox = Happy Family

Do you love Redbox? Guess what. It's free. Say what? There are ALWAYS promo codes available, each giving you one movie, one night free. You can use each code once per credit card. I am going to share with you a few of the codes that always work, and then show you how to find the ones that usually just last one or two days for after you use up those "always" codes. If you have been paying for them, those little charges add up, and they have even raised their prices recently! So welcome to your new, free movie-watching way of life.

Universal, always-working Redbox promo codes:

Newly added:

Codes that work at Redbox kiosks at specific stores: 

DVDATWAG - Good at any kiosk at a Walgreens store.
DVDATKROG - Good at any kiosk at a Kroger affiliated store (for Utah it's Smiths)
DVDATSONI - Good at any kiosk at a Sonic Drive-In
WALGREENS - Good at any kiosk at a Walgreens store
BREAKDOWN - Good at any kiosk at a Walgreens store

And then after you have used all of these codes with all of your different debit/credit cards, you can visit Inside Redbox and the ones that have been working most recently will be shown. If you have a smart phone you have an advantage and you can just look them up right while you are at the kiosk. If you don't, before you go make sure to write down a handful of them because most are time-sensitive and you might get a dud, but one of them is bound to work!

So... are you thinking about grabbing some pizza and a free movie and staying home Friday night? Cause I am


LeighAnn said...

I don't know. This just seems a little dishonest. What do you think?

Rach H @ FamilyEverAfter said...

Cool! I'm gonna try this! We rent redboxes all the time! I don't feel dishonest if there is a code.
Come link up at my Friday night party this weekend!! (I'll be watching my new redbox, haha)!

klsisme said...

Not dishonest, redbox is the one that puts the codes out. You just have to be smart enough to find them. :), and use them!

Amanda Beaver said...

I have used a few of these before! ! They work!!

Meggie Smith said...

I'm with you, I don't mind paying a dollar for a movie for a night. I'd rather give them my business than steal from them.

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