DIY Wall Art

As you may have seen from previous posts, my new source of strength comes from quotes that I find on Pinterest.  As seen here, and here, and here, to name a few.

I found a blogger who made a collage of goodies for her daughter - I'm sure if you follow me, you've seen it too.

Isn't it cute??  I started playing around with PicMonkey (the tool that replaced Picnic) and am in LOVE with what I've done so far.  I've already started my shopping list for Lowes (to get wood planks to glue all my new art on).  We may get that photo wall finished in the downstairs living room yet!!

Oh, and did I mention the best part - PicMonkey is FREE right now.  100%.  You don't even need to enter an email address to use all of their photo editing awesomeness.

So here's my super quick run through of how to make your own WORD ONLY wall art.  You can play around with the dozens of photo editing effects and touch-ups.  It's really up to you for sizing, color and fonts, but here are a few tricks I figured out (and perhaps this is obvious to everyone else, in which case, you can just click on to another amazing blog entry...heehee)
  • Pick any photo to "edit" - don't worry, it won't save over your existing photo because you'll have the option to change the file name once you're all done.
  • On the very left-hand side of the page, you'll see a bunch of little icons for all of the fun stuff you can use.  For this project, pick the 5th one down (shapes/overlays).  This is where you'll make an "overlay" over your photo ===>>Instant solid colored background.
  • Adjust the tone to your liking.  Once you've landed on a color, you can click the button on the bottom (3rd one from the left, looks like page/layers being pushed together by an arrow).  This merges all your layers together so they don't slide around as you add and edit your text.  NOTE:  Don't do this step until you're SURE you like the color.  You can't edit it once the layers are merged together.
So far, I've started two projects.  The first was an image for Olivia.  I want to go back and make the fonts larger so they take up more space on the page.  This was my first try, so I'm showing you a very vulnerable, and unperfected version of what I hope this will be.

Super embarrassed to say that I had to look back at my Facebook photo album from the first days of her life to find the vitals for this project.  Bad mom.

Here's another one I started playing with.

I have been eying plaques like this for a long time on Etsy.  I know those artisans are using vinyl for the lettering, I'm willing to sacrifice a little bit of the "quality" for the freedom to do my own.  Plus, I'm thinking I can make this for about $4 in wood, paper and Modge Podge.  Can't wait to show you how they turn out!!

And one more - something I hear recently.  I'm sure the speaker didn't even know how he effective was going to be, but I have thought of this statement every day since I heard it.

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