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As you well know, I am a huge fan of Pinterest.  Co-workers have tried to suggest that it may be borderline obsession and suggest I give it up for Lent, however I have on readily on-hand the "it's for my business" card and we're back on track.

Just to be clear - I do a lot of Pinterest and Facebook for personal reasons but it has been an amazing vehicle for sales at Etsy, so I refuse to give it up and highly encourage it!

Another blogger mom had this idea, but I wanted to share my version and experience with it.

I've mentioned before what a blessing my daughter, Olivia has been.  She also is all of 3 years-old and tries my patience just about every other waking moment of her life.  The other moments are filled with joy and happiness and amazing wonder.  We've recently hit a road block with Olivia's behavior where it's becoming an issue in day care.  It's hard for her provider, and bless her heart, she does what she can.

I wanted to believe that I was exaggerating.  That this was a stage, and maybe it is, but it's one that needs to get under control.

So the first step was trying to talk with her.  I know better than the try to reason with a toddler, but explain that there will be rewards and consequences for behavior.  Rewards for the good, consequences for the bad.  Simple and yet so hard to enforce all at once.  Rewards are easy - TV, treats, she's even asked for more "carrots and dip" so clearly something it clicking in my mom-world.  But the consequences.  Just like any normal reaction, something bad happens to her, and the world falls apart.  But there in lies the issue.

I need to teach her now, on some level, that things will go wrong/bad/fall apart/GO TO SHIT and life moves on.  You need to buck up and deal with it.  That doesn't mean that you don't get to be mad/sad/angry/frustrating/pissed off or otherwise.  Appropriateness.  That's what I'm trying to teach a three year-old.

Good luck, right?!

So back to the fun part of what this post was about.  A super cool, DIY, takes you 5 minutes (or less) to put together craft to use for behavior or just plain fun.  Not gonna lie - in testing this out (to make sure the jar wasn't leaking) I kinda go sucked into the swirl of the glitter myself!

Get your supplies:
  • An empty jar - I used plastic, anticipating that at some point, I may use this and it will get whipped across the room.
  • A tube of glitter glue
  • Loose glitter
  • Hot water
Now the original post has a nice little recipe for this, but I used more of everything because I had a larger jar.  It's really going to depend on your container and in all honesty, the Planters jar probably warrants another tube of glue to thicken things up.  This is why I'm here for you.  Trial and error.

The assembly is super simple and I'm embarrassed to even try to spell it out for you all.  You must be wondering:  Geez, I wonder how I get all of this together.


Squeeze glitter glue into jar of hot water.

You will end up with "glitter poops" in your jar.  Yes.  You saw that right.  It's exactly what I though of as this clumps of glitter hit the water.  Whatever - I'm gross, fine.  You still love me.

Being that I was doing this during nap time, I couldn't take a photo of the next step, but I would recommend shaking the jar now with just the glue to help it break apart a little before you add the loose glitter.

Adding the glitter is the fun part.  As much or as little as you'd like.  You can see in this photo I used about a third of the tub I bought, but maybe with more glue in there, I might add more.  I was even thinking about adding just plain Elmers glue to thicken the water, which is both cost effective and fun experiment.  I'll let you know how it works out!

So the true test - does it calm the child down?  Liv is normally a pouter on time-out.  She'll stay on that "magic and powerful" spot, but she lays there and sucks her thumb (another habit we are trying DESPERATELY to break).  Yes - she calms down which is the ultimate goal, but I don't want her to sulk (or suck her thumb).

Oddly enough, today, the opportunity presented itself where we could use the Chill Out Jar to help her calm down.  She'd seen the pink water on the counter earlier, but I didn't explain what I was.  Tantrum starts - I tell her go sit down - grab the jar, shake it and hand to her.  I say, just watch this.  Calm down and watch this.

Typical thumb-sucking position because she's noticed I'm taking pictures...
Soon she doesn't care that I am around...

The swirling glitter starts working...

And she's still pouting, but not nearly as upset as she could be.

It may be a band-aid for a bullet-wound, but it's a start.  Lord knows I need to try SOMETHING!

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