Valentine Mini Sessions with Heather Hanson Photography

I don't know if I've had the opportunity to share how amazing Heather is.  She's a dear friend (that lives WAY to far away) and on top of being an amazing mother and friend, she is a FANTASTIC photographer.  Before starting her photography business, you could just tell that Heather was meant to be behind the lens.  She'd post photos of her own beautiful kids on Facebook and I'd think "Wow.  Whatever she's doing, I want to capture too!"  She's my hero for so many reasons, photography only being one of them.

Heather took the plunge, got some studio space, a logo and a bunch of other business-type things and Heather Hanson Photography was born.  She took our family photos that we used on our Christmas cards - some of my favorites (I'll have to share later, as I'm realizing I never did in the first place!)

According to L was proud to be asked to join in the fun and supplied hair accessories for the shoot.  It was very cathartic to create cute little pink and red bows and flowers for this shoot - gave me a purpose for this little venture.  I stayed for all of the sessions and helped the little ones get dressed (pettirompers, bow ties and tulle skirts for DAYS).  I love having girls, but seeing those little boys in bow ties and suspenders - man oh!  Heartbreakers!  All of the kids did amazingly well - funny how they'll ham it up at home and you get in front of a camera, and suddenly your little wild child turns shy.  There were suckers and balloons - Heather really did have a wonderful set up.  I didn't want to leave (which may have had something to do with the fact that I was all alone and my kids were home with Dad!)

She'll have final photos out in a few weeks for parents to preview, but she was kind enough to send a few shots of my babies so I could share them with you here!

Avery in a white chiffon bow

Liv in a light pink bow with lace

I tried to showcase some accessories that had a very vintage feel - they went very well with the pearls and ruffles (if I do say so myself)

And I have to share Heather's darling kids as well - tell me they are the prettiest babies!?  (Besides mine.  And yours too, I'm sure!)

Sweetheart Beckham in his dapper tie and suspenders

Gorgeous Evalyn in a hot pink bow with rhinestone button
I know I'd love to promote myself here, but this is truly a shout-out for Heather.  If you need photos taken, please believe me when I say you won't be disappointed!  Her patience and grace will shine through in everything she produces for you.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Liz for who you are and for how you believe in me. I just adore you.


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