Avery: Nine Months

Avery, it's hard to believe you're already nine months old.  In another 3 months, we'll all crowd around as you poke a finger into that thick, sugary frosting and wait patiently to see if you'll flick it away (like your sister did) or dig in and give us the mess we'll allow only once in your life.

You are a happy baby.  Only when you're hungry or tired, are you fussy.  You have a tendency to cling to us when we get home from work, which I secretly don't mind.  I've missed you too.

  • You weigh 21 lbs, you are in size 4 diapers and wear 18 month clothes!
  • You are 29.5 long, which puts you in the 97 percentile now, instead of being off the charts.  Good to see you're slowing down!
  • You are crawling EVERYWHERE and pulling up on EVERYTHING.  You can climb stairs, but we're always we try to be nearby to prevent the inevitable "joyful, proud bounce" you do that leads to a tip backwards off the step.
  • There are six teeth in your tiny mouth: four on the bottom and your two Bucky Beavers on top.  The fangs are almost in, but we can't call it just yet.
  • There are very few foods you refuse to eat, but over the holidays, you got some awful bug and we've been feeding you the BRAT diet.  Don't even ask how many outfits you went thru :(
  • You stand on your own for a second or two.  Note:  we are in no hurry for you to start walking!
  • Your sister is still your favorite person; however, after a weekend with your cousins Jack and Charlie, I'd say she's got some competition!
  • Your favorite game is cheap and easy:  tipping upside down in someone's arms or lap.  I wonder what you must think of this "upside-down world" but clearly, it's a fun place to be!
  • You love bath time.  I think mostly because it precedes your favorite time of day (bottle, snuggle and bedtime)
  • You say "mama" and "dada" and what sounds like "hieee" - however I'm not always convinced you know exactly why you're making the sounds you do.  You sign "milk" and we're working on "more" that I'm sure will catch on as you "clap hands" more.

  • Your first Christmas was amazingly fun for us to watch.  You tore through paper and played all Christmas morning.  You mostly ate the paper, but we know that soon those toys will get more action.
  • Some of the best things you got were a Melissa and Doug train set with blocks (perfect for chewing on); a few baby dolls (again, perfect for chewing on); sparkle boots from the Hattons, a noisy/musical puppy from Rory (you love it, we have mixed feelings) and so much more.  It was a spoiled-rotten holiday, just as it should be.
Your giggle makes my day and your sweet blue eyes make me so proud to be your mom.  You are smarter than you let on and I can't wait to see what you'll do next (which will probably be immediately followed by tearing all of the magnets off the board and dropping the on the floor - another enjoyable pastime.)

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