Rite of Passage

Today we passed a milestone.

Not the first word, or the first step.

The first dance recital.

We have struggled with listening in dance class.  And by "we" I mean Liv.  And by "struggled" I mean REALLY REALLY DID HORRIBLY with the listening.  But during the past two weeks, she was doing much better.  The occasional squarely actions, the occasional flit and twirl off to the side.  But she was listening.  She was staying on her dot.  She wasn't licking the mirror (yes this happened)

And now for the holiday party.  Three teachers, fourteen preschoolers, five dances.  Chairs were set up, party dresses were donned, parents and guests were invited into the studio - and we all broke out our respective video camera (or iPhone in my family's case) to capture this moment in time.

I'll spare you all from the 25 minutes of video that we captured, but she did a really good job.  There are times when the camera shakes because I'm giggling so hard.  And then I'm filled with pride and joy.  Thats my little girl out there.  I feel like we just brought her home and were celebrating our first Christmas with her, and now she's out there PERFORMING.  Or doing her version of it.

Sure.  We had glimpses of the "usual" Olivia and her listening.

But she did try.  And she was so proud.  And I couldn't be happier.

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Anonymous said...

I love her and I love that I can see her storkbite from when she was a baby. You are a good mom liz, just what she needs. Remember that sweetie!


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